Monday, December 29, 2008

Epiphany in Yoga

I love how these things just happen. I was in yoga class today at the gym. Normally one would not think that a yoga class at a gym would be any good but since I am a member I decided to try it out. I've studied yoga with some great and well known teachers so it takes a good one to keep me content. And oddly enough the young woman teaching on Monday mornings is quite good.

In yoga one is supposed to stay present in each moment which is a great practice unto itself. My mind is extremely active and I have a difficult time doing that in any circumstance. Lately I have a lot on my mind. The same subject kept buzzing before me and in the middle of a difficult pose I had an epiphany whereby someone from my distant past came up in relation to a current issue and helped clarify something for me. I know that we store things in our physical bodies and I guess this was a good example of how we can use yoga or other modalities to work through issues. Hooray!

Later this after noon I was driving to an appointment and enjoyed the drive out 28A, through the winding country roads full of woods, the late afternoon winter pink light filtering through the trees. True, there is a lot one can worry about these days, but it's great when I can just relax and enjoy the beauty surrounding us here in the Hudson Valley.

Nitey Nite

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sea Legs

Well, what a day. This is officially my first blog posting, how very exciting! So I am still getting my sea legs. I have discovered lately how much I enjoy writing. I will be adding posts at least a few times a week if not daily.

Today's image is that of my studio as it usually looks in the winter (note the snow outside the window). I love to hole up in the studio during the winter days and get lost in a creative whirl. By the end of a day in there it usually looks like a cyclone struck. I think I have artist's ADD or maybe just plain ADD. I strut from one canvas to another or from canvas to collage, etc, depending on what I am involved in. It has taken me all day just to get this up and running - so just a quick post for now to introduce you to my world.

See you tomorrow, Melissa