Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Violet Vinegar

I wish I had something more grandiose to share but the past few days have found me beginning the day by wandering through my yard happily gathering violets to make my favorite vinegar, violet vinegar. I particularly enjoy their delicate beauty and could have stared all morning at the yellow bowl on white table filled with them. They are sweet and make a nice addition to any meal. To make the vinegar (which is also sweet and carries the medicinal properties of violets) fill any size jar with violets, a delightful chore. Fill to the top with apple cider vinegar. Cap and let sit for 6 weeks. Strain and enjoy!

Other than that I have been busy working away and coming and going. Thursday will find me on the road to Baltimore and Alexandria.

And right now will find me going out to the garden to put in some veggie starts and a couple of packages of veggie seeds such as peas and I forgot what else.

Talk soon, Melissa

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More re-entry

Yeah, more re-enty. That's the way it goes for the next few months. Just returning from a nice visit to MA and RI where I did Spirit Essence Portraits for the last few days ending with a day at the Love, Light and Laughter conference in Warwick RI. It was wonderful being there because I have a mini community with women in places I return to and get to see familiar faces that I have enjoyed intense connection with. Because the portraits are always intense connection. The image above is a portrait of a woman that had taken a painting workshop with me and had shared at that time about her life and the changes that had taken place since she declared to the world that she is indeed an artist. It's more abstract than most of them in honor of her own abstract work. It also contains personal symbolism which I will not share here.

A few of the portraits this time where women returning a year or so later for another one to see how their changes would be reflected in a second portrait. I love returns too for that reason. I don't remember the first portrait but if they describe it I can often bring the image to mind.

I enjoyed a few good conversations that I could dig into and as you know I collect stories and date to include in my card decks and future books. I like observing how we are going through changes collectively and I hear so much of that lately.

One thing I really enjoy about the state of MA is that there are many small businesses still in existence. I hope they are doing well. I try and frequent non-chain privately owned businesses as much as possible. And people are trying so hard to go the extra mile in service these days. There is a small cafe downstairs from one of my locations where the owner is there probaably 12 hours a day and working so hard to provide great service and food and is always ready with a kind word and wondering how you enjoyed your meal. She is so proud of her New England clam chowder (she won an award for it once) so I made sure to order some to see her look of pride. I was happy to see she was still in business. Here in my area it seems folks are going out of business right and left.

Enough of that. Off to catch up on work, yoga class and lunch with a friend.

till later, m

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I was thinking yesterday as I was booking my hotel for upcoming trip how my environments are important to me. The above photo is the living room of an adorable, mystical cottage called the Dragon Wing cottage that I was fortunate to stay in while in Tallahassee awhile back. This cottage had an amazing swamp behind it with spanish moss and old old trees rising out of the water and a beautiful statue of Diana, the huntress in front of the house. Each room was carefully decorated with elaborate altars for various purposes. I loved the spiral that was applied somehow so carefully and it is the first thing one sees as one enters. The owner uses the cottage for classes and ritual and the vibe was great.

Sometimes I stay with people and that is always interesting too. I meet so many great ones who are always very hospitable.

On the opposite polarity I decided to priceline a 4 star hotel for next trip since I will be there for a good many nights. I wanted to nest in and be comfy. And hooray - got the price I wanted!

Still high from been inspired by hearing David Whyte read his poems in DC. Listening as I drive around to a CD I bought. I love how he extracts so much from the natural world around him.

Later, M