Monday, March 23, 2009

The Spaces in Between

Just a brief check in here which seems to the be the character of this blog. It was a fun trip down to Croton on Hudson. I enjoyed the sanctuary (Opal Moon) and as always the people. The drive down tho not far was incredibly beautiful, especially going over the Hudson River at Bear Mountain and driving around the mountain itself. I often use these drives to catch up on phone calls ( I have a headset) that I don't have time to do when home.

I am home for just 2 days before taking off to do a vending spot at the Psychology Networker Symposium in DC. Looking forward to meeting a childhood friend there and catching up.

That all being said I feel like the woman in the image above. There is so much involved with each trip, packing and unpacking and what I take for any given trip varies tremendously. And there are the commitments here as well, orders to pack, bios to get to folks, images sized and on and on. Today I would like to add in a trip to the gym but not sure if there is time.

I have been awarded an artist residency in France but the notice comes late and I have made commitments that I don't think I can get out of. I hate turning this down. Well, decisions to be made and boxes to pack.

Later, Melissa

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Friends, Friends, more friends

The image above is one of my greeting cards and what I feel like doing today. But alas I have much to do before I am on the road again.....Sop I will be packing up for a visit to Opal Moon in Croton NY to do Spirit Portraits and then a psychology symposium in Wash DC. A lot of packing..

Yesterday a friend I know from 20 some years ago surfaced. she was bringing her son to visit a nearby college and it was so much fun to see them and meet him. We went to a local Japanese rest. after she showed him my studio. She always did like Japanese. Earlier that day I took some photos for a friend for professional use. I am not by any means a pro with a camera or photoshop but I do have a good eye.

so off to to begin the day. Hope yours is sunny and bright.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Alone with One's Thouoghts

I was perusing images to see what I would like to write and about and feature tonite and I came upon this painting I did a couple of years ago in the Midst of winter. I often crave the color yellow in winter I think because of all the gray skies here in the northeast. The painting is from a series of photos I took of a woman that is an incredible artist. Her name is Karin Houben and I still have not figured out how to insert a hyperlink to a website so you can google her. She makes wonderful beaded jewelry and many butterflies for those butterfly lovers out there.

In any case I am back at home for a few days and alone with thoughts of my own. Much going on and much to think about. And all that inner time will soon be at a premium because spring is springing and there will be the garden to plant. On top of all the travel. So I am enjoying the alone time as well as time with local friends. It has been a full weekend with dinners out, some salsa dancing and a test swim today to see if the chlorine will break my skin out again. I am really missing my swimming.

So a quick quick in to you till then.... Melissa

Thursday, March 5, 2009

You Can't Hit a Moving Target.....

I don't know why that phrase keeps coming to mind except that that is how I feel. I am loving being here in Florida but I haven't had a moment to sit still or relax or write this blog. The photos here are from central and north central Florida. The little shanty is where I normally stay when I am in High Springs but for reasons too long to mention here I am staying in the "tree house" which is equally as cool but for different reasons. Just beyond the little shanty only about 10 feet away is the Ichatucknee River in all it's splendor complete with herons, cranes, ibis, turtles sunning themselves in multitudes on rocks. One of my most favorite places on earth and the location where I did the painting "Dreams Come True". I have so far been in 4 different locations doing Spirit Portraits and meeting incredible women in each place. so far no men have come for a portrait on this trip.
I am having to be extremely flexible on this trip because I have a lot of gear and need to uproot so frequently. and plans change...
There are many amazing healers in Orlando of all places I have come to find out. The woman that hosted me there is an osteopath and a real magician in her doctoring. if you live near there visit Dr. Laura Rampil if you are in need of a treatment.
Speaking of that I need to keep moving. I pulled or tore something when I was doing some weight lifting with no instruction and I am going to a biofeedback session this morning here in Palm Gardens Fl.
I will post more later. Lots of new photos to upload and share.
Till then..... Melissa