Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Change in Course

That's the title of this painting. I may have written about it before here but that theme is very much on my mind as I sit here in my Denver hotel room. I am here for the International New Age Trade show that I have a booth in each year for my Creatrix product line. I have been here at this show for the past 10 -11 years or so and I am reflecting upon how my life has shifted so much in these past many years. Now, after a split with my life partner of many years, I enter the show with from a different perspective.
It's all good, just very different.
The woman in the painting here had also been through a big shift when I did the painting so I am dedicating this post to us and to any of you out there who have had to flow with the river, or the tides with all the changes we experience in our rich and beautiful lives.
Namaste, Melissa

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Good News!

I'm writing to you from the Outer Banks. I'm here on a work trip with a few days of pleasure thro able wn in. At the moment I am teaching a painting workshop here in my family's house and it is such a pleasure and privledge to be with these women. I have not gotten to know any local women who live in this area full time so this is a treat to gain insight into how folks live here. The group of women is happily painting away and I thought that I would take time to catch up a wee bit on my blog.

I am happy to share some good news! The divination deck I created and published last year has been selected as a finalist in the Coalliting of Visionary Retailers Awards to be held at the New Age Trade Show in Denver end of June. Keep your fingers crossed and if you haven't seen it yet you can check it out on my website.

Enjoy the warmth, Melissa